Best Dog Training Techniques

A trained dog and a balanced dog are two completely different things. There are people who train their dogs but don't take the time to make sure that their dog is balanced enough to always obey the command. While there are people who don't train their dogs at all. In this blog i will show you how to train and make sure your dog is balanced. 

1) Training your dog to sit:

Training your dog to sit is one of the easiest and best commands to teach your dog. In my opinion, it should be the first command to teach because it makes your dog submissive and reminds them you're in charge. 

2) Train with yummy snacks: You will be amazed at how much harder your dog will work for a tiny piece of turkey, chicken, or even liver. Compared to treats you can get at the store, those may work in a couple different settings. But when the job harder, you need to bring out the tasty treats. Training with treats should be easy!

3) Pick your dog's name with love and respect: Only for the purpose of dog training, it helps to consider a short name ending with a strong consonant. This allows you to say his/her name clearly so they can always hear it. 

4) Be Super Generous with Your love and Affection: Some dog owners don’t have a problem expressing when they're unhappy with their dogs. The problem is they don't always reward the good they do. That is very wrong. You have to reward your dog with love and affection. Let them know they have been amazing. It’s even okay to do a little extra. You can use treats, toys, or (my favorite)love.

5) I'm i bribing him or rewarding him?: The idea of using treats to train is sometimes related to bribery. To be honest, pets love the anything. If toys gets them to obey your command, then why not use it? Your surroundings can also be a tool. Every interaction you have with your dog is a learning opportunity, so when you think about it, you probably don’t use food very often except during active training sessions. Reinforce him with joy, love, games and walks. Just remember, the behavior should produce the treat; the treat should not produce the behavior.

6) How to stop him/her from jumping up: Puppies love to jump up to greet you and say hi. Don't acknowledge him, just ignore his behavior until he starts to relax before giving positive reinforcement. Never encourage jumping by loving or praising your dog when he's in a "jumping up" position. Turn your back on him and pay him no attention.

7) Are you in the right mindset: I’m a huge believer in thinking positive while training. But it’s also best to consider that dogs (like humans) have different personalities, age, and preferences. Every dog is a little bit different and the key to training success is to discover what motivates your dog to learn while maintaining a positive training environment. When I run into a training roadblock, I try to view the situation from Haley’s perspective and frame of mind. I almost always gain some helpful insight to resolve the issue. This video shows the right mindset to have when training your dog. 

8) Training constantly: To be honest, training your dog takes a good amount of commitment. Everyone has busy schedule and bills to pay but taking time to train your dog now will pay off tremendously when you have a such a good dog that he already know what to do before you tell him. Try and set aside some time everyday to train your dog.

 9) You’re giving different commands too fast: When your dog clearly understands a command, that’s great and it's just the start of a beautiful friendship. Now you need to continuously use the command in different situations and slowly work on using it around high levels of distractions. By the way, when you teach your dog a lot of different commands at once it can be confusing to them. Be patient and allow them to be confident in the command and enjoy the success of completing each command. 

10) Are you sure you’re giving commands with the right tone of voice?: Dogs love excitement and enthusiasm in our voice! Little to no excitement in your voice might not bring out enthusiasm from your dog. And at the same time, way too much excitement may cause your dog to lose attention. Try and aim for a happy, lovely, upbeat tone that’s no where near over the top. 

11) Are you sure your dog trust you? That might be hard to ask yourself but it happens sometimes and it’s very hard to train a dog when you don’t have their trust and/or respect. Some dog owners run into this problem after they’ve adopted a dog that’s been mistreated and hurt by a previous owner. If you take the time to make a strong relationship with your dog, training will be much easier.

12) End training sessions on a great note!: Good boy! Great job, Indy! Your dog has worked hard to please you throughout the training period. Give him lots of love, some treats, affection, or something specific only your dog likes. This makes sure that he will be at his next training session with his tail wagging! Fantastic!



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