Top 9 Cesar Millan Dog Training Tips

If you are a dog owner and you don't know who Cesar Millan is then you probably have been living under a rock for the past two decades. Cesar Millan shows dog owners that being the pack leader to your pet can be really easy. 

By understanding and following his dog training philosophy, which is based on exercise, discipline, love, and manage to train yourself into becoming a calm and confident leader for your dog, then you’ll find that leading your own dog may indeed be a much less difficult task than many think. By Hugs With Paws, here are the top 9 Cesar Millan dog training tips.

1) Take controlFor Cesar Millan, the most important thing to keep in mind when training a dog is to make sure that the dog owner establishes and maintains the role of the pack leader.

By making sure that your dog sees you as the leader, you’re helping your dog to instinctively understand his place in the house and to look to you for guidance on how he should behave. 

Just like humans, dogs work best with a structured daily routine, they also operate best within a well-defined social structure. If you establish yourself as the confident pack leader, your dog will learn to trust and respect your commands.

2) Exercise is essentialIn addition to health issues, Cesar Millan mentions how under-exercised dog is more likely to develop behavioral problems, and is less responsive to training.

A happy, healthy, well-exercised dog is eager to please and always ready to listen. One of the most important of dog whisperer tips is that a lonely, bored, or frustrated dog is likely to develop all kinds of bad habits in an effort to entertain himself. If you're too busy with work or just tired from a long day, you can use a dog chew toy or bone to keep your dog busy. This dog toothbrush helps to keep his teeth clean and also great to chew.

Before trying to fix these bad habits, you need to research and address the root cause.

3) Have confidence in yourselfIn order to project an air of confidence to your dog, you must first be confident in yourself. Your commands must be clear and straight to the point, demonstrating confidence in your voice, actions and showing that you know what you're doing. The reason Cesar is always accepted by dogs is because of the knowledge he has of their behavior. This video clearly explains what i mean 

4) Don't treat your dog like a humanIf you treat your dog like you would a person, your dog will learn to behave like one.One of the best examples Cesar Millan uses of your dog seeing you as an equal, is he's constant competing with you for dominance.

To make it worse, your dog will also try to assert dominance over people he doesn't know, which can always lead to a bad and aggressive behavior. We know it might be tempting, but humanizing your dog will only make life hard for the both of you.

On the other hand, don't completely alienate your pooch. Outside of training, there's no reason not to care for your dog, especially his health. But an important part of dog whisperer tips is that a dog who knows and accepts his role as a domesticated canine will gladly accept that dynamic, so long as his needs are met. This leads to a very trainable dog, and a happier life for both of you.

So, care for your dog but not like a human. Care about his/her health. A dog toothbrush really comes in handy when caring about your dogs health. This dog toothbrush lets your dog brush his own teeth without you doing anything. Click here

5) Consistency really matters: One of the most important dog whisperer tips is to stay consistent with your training. If you give into your dog's begging routine for just one day, how is your pet supposed to know that the rules have changed by the next day? 

Don't underestimate your training efforts by allowing your pooch to have his way for just one day. This will only lead to confusion and frustration from the both of you. A consistent daily routine grants your dog the peace of mind of knowing what to expect for each part of the day.

When you leave your home, your dog will know exactly what time you'll be back. He'll know not to pee and poop until then. Canines are creatures of habit, and an unpredictable routine can cause anxiety and stress. When you leave them alone, they won't know when you'll be back or how long to wait. They might whine, bark, or howl out of fear, or they might destroy your leather couch out of frustration. 

6) Keep cool: Speaking of cool, try your best to maintain itSometimes, your dog training progress can be slow. Very slow. This can lead to frustration, which can cause you to lose your cool.Your dog picks up on your anxiety, and views it as an opportunity to challenge your authority.

This only fuels your frustration, which compounds the problem. Very quickly training deteriorates and progress can grind to a halt.To prevent this kind of breakdown in training, Cesar Millan recommends to set realistic goals, and adjust them as you go along. Patience is key to successful dog training. Getting angry with yourself or with your dog is ultimately counter-productive. This video clearly explains what we mean 7) Set boundaries: Part of establishing the order in your household will be setting and enforcing boundaries for your dog.Your dog needs to learn to trust that you know better, Cesar teaches.

This bond is established by being firm with your pooch about what is and isn't acceptable dog behavior. When your dog starts with an undesirable new behavior, send clear, consistent messages telling your Fido that this isn't okay.

If your dog has taken up chewing on power cables, focus your entire training routine around breaking this habit. If you focus on one important lesson at a time, your dog will have an easier time keeping up with your expectations.

And if your dog just needs something to chew on, this dog toothbrush is perfect for your pooch. It keeps your dog teeth clean and fun to chew.

8): Walk like the leader: Taking your dog for a walk is one of the key components of successful training. Unsurprisingly, a lot of dog owners completely ignore how important this process is.Cesar Millan always advises dog owners to make sure that their canine is sufficiently exercised.

Just like kids, if they’re left with too much energy and boredom, naughty behavior is bound to occur.Cesar urges all dog owners to walk their dog every day. Try and aim for an hour a day.

You should be able to walk atleast an hour a day because even if you didn't have a dog, you should be walk to help your mind and body. If you can’t fit in an hour per day, any brisk walk is good for you and your dog’s mind and body.

But, walking your puppy the wrong way can undo any leadership work that you did in the house. Make sure that your puppy is walking beside or just behind you. In nature, the leader of the pack always walks in front, so if you let your puppy walk in front, or worse, have to pull your puppy back, you are giving the message that he is in charge instead of you!

This video explains what i mean 9) Start now: It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals. However, to train your dog, that might take some time.

So start now! The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see results.Cesar reminds us not to think that we have to pick one training regime and stick to it forever. Improving your rules when you learn something new is absolutely the right thing to do.

Just stick to the new rule once you've made up your mind, and give your dog a while to adjust to it .At the end of the day, dog training isn't about where to poop, how to play dead, or how to get more likes on Tinder.

Dog training is about teaching your pooch to trust your authority and obey your commands. If you stand up right and your commands are direct, your dog will follow your lead no matter what. You can find more information on his page


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